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Marriott Downtown, 525 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario

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2:00pm – 2:45pm 

Trade Simulation Game Presented by PIMCO

Participants will simulate PIMCO’s team-consensus investment decision-making process, navigating through various hypothetical economic events. Teams will be challenged to think critically, utilizing a variety of asset classes within their portfolios to ultimately translate their analysis into active investment views and accompanying investment implications.

Speakers: James Webster, Nikhil Sharma, Carly Plate, Thomas Luciano

Sponsor: Start Proud-PIMCO

Room: York A



Machine Learning in the Financial Industry

This workshop will discuss the different roles of artificial intelligence and machine learning play in financial services. A diverse panel of experts will discuss data issues, ML applications, careers, and other aspects of the topic.


Yannick Lallement, Director of artificial intelligence & machine learning, Scotiabank


John Atalick, Data Strategist, Scotiabank

Rylan Vroom, Digital Accessibility Specialist, Scotiabank

Rafael Delgado, Head of Digital Marketing & Sales Canada, Scotiabank

Nathalie Crosbie – Director, Artificial Intelligence Strategy, BMO

Sponsor:  Scotiabank 

Room: York B

3:00pm – 3:45pm

Activism as a Transferable Skill

LGBTQ2+ professionals have a unique opportunity to support their communities through activism – and can support their own career goals along the way. Meet five professional leaders in corporate activism who have fostered social change and bolstered their skill sets through their commitment to active citizenship in the workplace. Learn how these professionals have incorporated activism into their career plans and organizations, and how you too can mobilize your professional goals to make the world a better place. 


Matthew Halse – Manager, Community Relations & Communications at ViiV Healthcare

Barbara Barrett – Senior Vice President, Public Relations at Impact Public Affairs

Shamin Mohammed Jr. – Founder and President at LetsStopAIDS

Muluba Habanyamathe – Project Coordinator with the Women’s Health in Women’s HandsCommunity Health Clinic and National Youth Ambassador with the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

David Morris – Senior Engagement Manager at Think Research

Sponsor: ViiV

Room: York A



CPPIB Hackathon

We will walk you through a simple model for hacking, and work on the business-related problems together. Participants will leave the session with a new tool.


Shahzana Ahmed – Advisor, Campus Recruitment

Jack Purich

Sponsor:  CPPIB

Room: York B

4:00pm – 4:45pm

Innovation Labs, everyone has one, but what are they really doing?

Does innovation come to mind when you think about banking? During this session, you will understand why it should. Arthur Gomes, Director, CIBC Digital will give you the opportunity to hear about the work happening at Live Labs, CIBC’s Digital Innovation team. Whether you’re curious about what innovation at a bank looks like, want to hear more about innovative projects, or you want to learn about the cultural transformation happening in today’s workplace, this is the session for you.


Hannah Frazer – Consultant, Digital Strategy & Innovation and Pride Network Co-Lead

Arthur Gomes – Director, CIBC Digital

Sponsor: CIBC

Room: York A



The Pyramid Principle for Effective Top-Down Communication

Structured thinking and communication are the keys to success at McKinsey – learn about the Pyramid Principle from a McKinsey consultant and improve your business communication skills!

Sponsor: McKinsey

Speakers: Phil Gazaleh

Room: York B

Women’s Panel

In this panel, we will be discussing the power of inclusion, personal stories of coming out in the workplace and combat the disadvantages of being a woman in business. We will also discuss how women can support each other and advice on starting your career.  

Moderator: Rani Pooran, Senior Advisor Inclusion at BMO Financial Group

Panelists: Aneta Osmola, Senior Manager Enterprise Data & AI at BMO Financial Group 

Livia Zufferli, Partner at Deloitte 

Melissa Ahlstrand, Director of Marketing, HAYU/NBC Universal

Katie Daniels, Managing Director, Head of Compliance at Canada Pension Plan Investment

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2:00pm – 2:45pm 

Digital Disruption: What’s Next for Business, Tech, and Design?

Beyond Business, Tech of Tomorrow, Design Disrupted: Discover the top disruptive design trends affecting the business landscape today and experience demos of the latest in cutting edge technology out of Accenture’s Liquid Studio. Featured demos include an AI chatbot, virtual reality, big data analytics for cities, and IOT for mining.

  1. VR for unconscious bias training – an innovative Virtual Reality simulator helps rid participants of unconscious biases through a series of interactive peer-to-peer conversations.
  2. Smart cities – the city at our fingertips. This demo combines live weather, traffic, and parking data to effectively manage the “6ix” at a glance. The platform enables quick 911 dispatch, traffic re-routing, utilities monitoring, and flood control.
  3. Connected mine – the future of mining is in IOT. With the ability to view all equipment and personnel, this connected mine combines internet-connected devices on the ground with sophisticated software to increase safety and efficiency on a resource extraction site.
  4. Maple – an AI chatbot which can be programmed to simplify several functions: HR, Financial Services, and even snack ordering!


Patricia Poon

Dru Gheorghe

Abbas Jeraj

Brandon Ringham

Sponsor: Accenture

Room: York A



Case Competition Finals

Finalists of the Case Competition present their cases.  Our 2019 case partner is Coalition of LGBTQ Youth Groups. The Coalition is an organization focused on public policy advocacy and providing strategic advice to other organizations serving the LGBTQ+ community. Teams of three or four will work together to develop a strategic plan that addresses current issues an organization is facing, drawing from a multitude of business areas. 

Sponsor: BCG

Room: York B

3:00pm – 3:45pm

LGBTQ+ Leaders Breaking Down Barriers and Disrupting the Workplace

Being openly LGBTQ+ at school and in the workplace can sometimes be daunting, scary and challenge for many. Come OUT and learn from these successful LGBTQ+ Leaders and how each of them overcame barriers, stigmas and followed their passions to become a success as individuals, in life, in business and in the community. This panel will be a facilitated Q&A session inclusive of an attendee Q&A session. 


Brien Convery | Him /His |Director, Early Talent Acquisition, RBC

Justin Ingraldi | Him /His |Development Editor at Scott Brothers Entertainment

Connor Taras | Him/His |Manager, Sales (Admissions) – Canada, General Assembly | Former National Team Athlete 

Elliot Fonarev | They/Them | Research Assistant @ GATE-Institute for Gender and the Economy | Program & Policy Evaluator @ EYS

Patrick Hunter | (He/Him) |Artist | Graphic Designer |Entrepreneur

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Sponsor: RBC

Room: York A



Automation Age and What it Means for Jobs

In this workshop, we will discuss how automation will affect the demand for human labor, the different catalyst for additional demand for labor. We will also touch on plans to successfully fund and create programs that allow people to refrain over time. 


Janet Spreitzer – Transition Services Director at Manulife Financial

Paul Saguil – AVP, Global Anti-Money Laundering – Innovation, Governance, and Risk Strategies

Sponsor: Start Proud

Room: York B

4:00pm – 4:45pm

A Day In the Life a Management Consultant

Interested in learning more about management consulting? Join this workshop to find out what a typical day in the life of a BCG consultant looks like!


Andrew O’Connor

James Gott

Sponsor: BCG

Room: York A


Trans Panel

How to Level up Acting in Allyship for Trans & Non-Binary People

In this panel we will be discussing the critical ways to show ally support and the challenges trans & non-binary individuals face. We will also discuss ways to what an inclusive workplace looks like and how to contribute to a positive workplace environment. 

Moderator: Franklynn Bartol

Panelists: Tami Aitken – Senior Inclusion Consultant at Deloitte Canada

Lucah Rosenberg-Lee – Media Buyer & Video Marketing Strategist.

Christine Hsu – Diversity & Inclusion Learning Consultant

Eleanor Pecora – Sales and Advertising Specialist